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Commercial auto insurance coverage pays for medical expenses and auto damage if the business owner or their drivers are at-fault for an auto accident.

What Is Included In A Standard Homeowner's Insurance Policy

In Florida, property owners who want to secure their investments more fully purchase residential property coverage. The policies include a wider amount of coverage based on their preferences and the location of the property. A local insurance carrier offers house insurance Lakeland to cover the needs of homeowners.

Coverage for the Property Itself

The homeowners insurance Lakeland provides protection for the home itself. The terms of the policy define all events that are covered in which property damage is possible. The events include fires, natural disasters, and criminal vandalism. The policies provide a true replacement value that is based on the current price to rebuild or a market value that is based on the price at which the property would sell in the current market.

Accident and Liability Coverage

Accident and liability coverage is provided to cover potential personal injury claims. It pays for medical attention and damages if a visitor falls and becomes injured on the property or is bitten by the property owner's pet. The coverage is not applied to any criminal acts.


Personal Property Protection

Personal property protection covers all items that are stored inside the property. The items include furniture, appliances, electronics, and basic household items. The owner's clothing, jewelry, and any assets in the home of value are covered under the terms of the policy. Some policies may impose a limit on the value of personal property.

Adding a Rider to the Policy

A rider is added to a homeowner's policy to provide extended protection for high-valued items. For example, if the property owner has antiques, high-end jewelry, or electronics of a higher than average value, the rider provides more comprehensive coverage. It replaces the items if they are stolen, lost, or damaged.

Additional Flood Insurance

Any residential property that is located in a designated flood zone requires the owner to purchase flood insurance. A flood report provided by the mortgage lender determines if the insurance is mandatory for the property. It provides extended coverage for properties that are at a greater risk of becoming damaged due to excessive flooding. Most properties in Florida are within a flood zone due to the higher frequency of hurricanes and tropical storm.

In Florida,

The home insurance Lakeland provides the owner with protection against common events that cause property damage. The policies also include accident and liability coverage if a visitor is injured on the property due to common hazards. Property owners who need home or Commercial insurance Lakeland can contact an insurer for a free quote now.